How to connect satellite television and the Internet

How to connect satellite television and the Internet

In many settlements the satellite television and the Internet are the only way to keep in contact with the outside world. The quality of signal arriving on the television antenna leaves much to be desired or at all is absent, and the high-speed Internet in rural areas - a big rarity. Therefore interests many how to connect satellite television and the Internet independently.


1. To connect satellite television, find out whether it is possible to fix on a wall or a roof of your house a satellite dish so that the receiver was sent to South side. If there are obstacles, such as houses and trees which prevent reception of a signal from the satellite, take care of the extras allowing to cope with this problem.

2. Install a satellite dish. Connect a satellite receiver and the converter, adjust quality of reception of a signal, having whenever possible brought it to 90 – 100% in a clear weather. If signal quality is less, then at low clouds and a rain the signal can be gone absolutely, especially it concerns TV channels of MPEG-4 format which are very sensitive to weather.

3. Carry out a cable to the TV, connect and connect a receiver. After that insert a smart card into the slot of a satellite receiver and turn on the receiver.

4. Configure installations of the satellite operator to whom you decided to be connected (Trikolor TV, NTV PLUS, etc.). After you configure TV and radio channels and will check intensity and signal quality, call call center of your operator and ask to activate a smart card. Activation process takes 2-4 hours.

5. To connect the satellite Internet use services of specialists as they will make work quicker and more reliably. But if you decided to execute connection by own forces, then at first configure land channel DialUp or GPRS.

6. Install and configure the DVB card and install the driver (for example, Setup4PC) which goes together with the DVB card. Configure the driver, for this purpose enter the name of the satellite, the transponder, speed, polarization, a name of provider. At installation specify need of setup of proxy connection.

7. Download the GlobalX program from the Internet and configure it. Specify the server, port, the login, the password and other data in settings.

8. Configure network connection, install any browser. After that be connected to the satellite Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team