How to connect the CPC to the Internet via the computer

How to connect the CPC to the Internet via the computer

Mobile devices get Internet access through certain wireless networks. If you need to connect the CPC to the vsemirnoautena, using the desktop computer, then create own network Wi-fi.

It is required to you

  • - Wi-Fi adapter.


1. Get Wi-Fi the adapter. Select the type of this device suitable you. It is better to use the equipment which is connected to the PCI channel located on the computer motherboard. It will allow you not to occupy USB ports and not to be afraid of accidental shutdown of the device. For connection of the CPC to the computer it is possible to use the adapter which does not have potential to create access point. Such devices cost much cheaper.

2. Connect Wi-Fi the adapter to the computer. Turn on the PC and wait for loading of the operating system. Install the drivers and the software necessary for management of settings of the network equipment. Reboot that the device was ready to work.

3. Open a Network and Sharing Center. Find the Management of Wireless Networks point in the left part of a working window and open it. In the opened menu click "Add". Select option of creation of Computer-computer network.

4. Fill out the table located in the new menu. Pay special attention to the Safety Type point. Select that option of encryption with which the adapter of a wireless network of the pocket computer is capable to work. Press Next and "Is ready".

5. In the list of active networks the new connection with a mark "Should appear connection is expected". Activate search of available networks Wi-fi on your PDA. Be connected to the created network, having entered for this purpose the necessary password.

6. Open the Change of Parameters of the Adapter menu located in the control panel. Find an icon of connection to the Internet and open its properties. Select the Access tab and allow the devices connected to Wi-fi network to use this connection with the Internet. Be connected to a world wide web and check presence of Internet access at the CPC.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team