How to connect the Internet camera

How to connect the Internet camera

Having connected the webcam to the computer, you will be able to communicate with the friends online, seeing each other on the monitors. It is worth noticing that connection of the device will not take away from you a lot of time – installation and setup of the camera takes only several minutes.

It is required to you

  • Computer, webcam, driver of the webcam.


1. Before connecting web camera to the computer, you need to install the special software on the PC. If you do not make it at once, the system simply will not recognize the attached device and as a result from this, the camera will not work. You will find the necessary software (drivers) complete with a product.

2. Insert a disk with drivers of the webcam into the disk drive of the computer and wait for its automatic loading. On a desktop the dialog box will be open for software installation. That further the device worked correctly, do not change parameters which are set by an installer by default. In a dialog box accept conditions of the license agreement then, click "Install". As soon as the software is installed on your computer, execute its reset. For this purpose it is necessary to open the Start menu and to click Windows XP. In the opened window click "Reset".

3. Having waited for repeated turning on of the computer, it is possible to start connection of the webcam to it. In most cases similar devices are connected to the PC by means of USB. After you execute connection of the device to the computer, start earlier installed client of the webcam. If you want to switch-off the device, just leave the program. In need of video of a call it is necessary to restart the program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team