How to connect the Internet in the private house

How to connect the Internet in the private house

Connection to the Internet in the private house has the specifics and implies a limited number of ways of such connection. Restriction is imposed by a certain remoteness of houses from each other, and from possible connection point to the Internet.


1. Wire Internet.
If in your settlement there is a connection to cable television, it is necessary to specify whether providers in parallel provide services of the cable Internet. Speed and quality of such Internet are rather high, and service prices are often acceptable.

2. Modem connection.
Practically any operator of CDMA or GSM provides services of connection to the Internet, for this purpose it is just necessary to buy the modem. Speed and quality of services does not differ from characteristics of the mobile Internet.

3. Internet via the mobile phone.
It is necessary to have phone with the GPRS or EDG support of protocols for it and ways of contact of phone with the PC – Bluetooth, an USB cable.

4. Connection with use of stationary phone.
If you in the house have stationary phone, for you there are two types of connection to the Internet with its use:
- Through Dial-Up the modem. The cost of such modem low, however, there are also shortcomings - it is the low speed of connection, employment of phone at Internet connection, the high cost of services.

- Via the ADSL modem. The considerable cost of connection, however, at the same time high-quality data transmission, high speed, phone it is not busy.

5. Satellite connection.
For connection it will be necessary to buy such equipment:
- satellite modem;

- satellite antenna;

- converter for conversion of a signal.
The cost of such equipment is high, unlike rather low cost of traffic. Speed of the Internet depends on provider and the tariff package selected by you.

6. Radiointernet.
The essence of connection is an installation of the special antenna with connection by means of a cable to the radio card on the computer. It is necessary to spend the considerable sum for the equipment. Depending on weather conditions the quality and speed of the Internet can decrease.

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