How to connect the Internet on a dedicated line

How to connect the Internet on a dedicated line

If you want to have stable access to the high-speed Internet with an available license fee, pay attention to connection to network on a dedicated line. Such way will be ideal for an output in a world wide web from the house or office as Internet connection is enabled by means of a cable which is stretched to your apartment and is brought directly to the computer. Will help to connect dedicated access to network several simple actions which each, whose age can make reached 18 years.

It is required to you

  • - passport.


1. Find out what providers render service of connection to the selected Internet line in your area. This information can be found from declarations on entrances and stands, from regional and other newspapers, from neighbors and friends.

2. Call each supplier of the Internet in your area and ask about a possibility of connection to network in your house. If this operation is possible, find out the estimated cost of connection and the amount of a license fee in the data plans of the company.

3. Select from providers who make service to your address, the company having the most favorable monthly payment for access to network. If subscriber payment between several companies significantly does not differ, then when choosing service provider consider also connection cost.

4. After you stop the choice on one of the companies, call the operator and report about the desire to become one of clients of provider. Coordinate with the employee time of arrival of the master for installation of the necessary equipment.

5. In due time be at home and wait for the master. Show to the worker where it is necessary to bring a cable. Take the contract on providing access to network from the master. Look through the paper and having shown the passport, sign the document.

6. After placement of the equipment provide to the master access to your computer for its setup or make necessary changes independently.

7. Independently to configure connection on a dedicated line in the Windows operating system, click on the Start-up button in the screen lower left corner, then select the Setup item and pass into the section "Control panel".

8. In the opened window select the picture with the inscription "Network Connections". Then right-click on the appeared image of two computers connected by a cable and select the Properties item from the list.

9. Then go to the General tab and in the section "The Components Used by This Connection" select a line "the Internet protocol (TCP/IP)". In fields of the appeared form enter settings from an instruction which you received together with the contract.

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