How to connect the Internet to the computer

How to connect the Internet to the computer

If you had certain difficulties at setup and use of the general access to Internet connection in the Windows XP operating system, this article can help you to understand. The general access is usually used when you installed the local area network using only one connection for access to the network the Internet.
To configure the general access to connection, make sure that on the server there is a network interface card for connection establishment with internal network and the second card (or the modem) to be connected to the Internet.


1. For a start make setup on the server. Come on the server through the account of the administrator or owner. Click "Start-up", further "Control panel", click on "Network and connections to the Internet", and note the Network Connections point. Select with the right mouse button connection which you are going to use for Internet connection. Click the Properties tab, then "In addition", note "The general access to connection of the Internet" there.
Now in the Allow Other Net Surfers to Use Connection to the Internet of This Computer tab select the corresponding checkbox. In case of use of remote access by you, note a checkbox the Install a Call on Demand point. Click "OK", then click "Yes".

2. Continue setup on the client computer. To be connected to the computer through the general connection, it is necessary to check IP settings for the network interface card of a local area network, and then to configure the client computer. To check the IP settings, perform the following operations.
Come on the client computer through the account of the administrator or owner. Click "Start-up", then "Control panel", select further the Network and Connections to the Internet item, then select "Network connections". Select with the right mouse button the Connection on a Local Area Network point, and then note the Properties command.
Find the following parameter in the General tab - "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" which is in The Components Used by This Connection list. Press the Properties button. Note the Receive the IP Address Automatically point there.

3. Fix possible problems which can arise at connection through the general access. It can occur because during a usage time of the general access at connection to the Internet for a local area network IP address is most often assigned. To liquidate the conflict of the addresses, configure dynamic receiving the IP address on client computers or assign to everyone unique IP.

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