How to connect the Internet to the PC

How to connect the Internet to the PC

The Internet gives a large number of opportunities both for entertainment and communication, and for communication. It is possible to select a number of the most popular ways of connection to network and to select that which approaches you, based on their pluses and minuses.


1. Connection through a telephone line by means of the Internet card or on credit once was very widespread way of connection to network. At the moment this way almost absolutely lost popularity, having conceded to more high-speed. For use of this type of connection the modem or, in other words, the modem is necessary for access dial-up 56K. Obvious plus of this way is usability, minus is the low speed of connection to network.

2. The second option of connection to network which is present practically at each apartment is the dedicated line. For this purpose it is necessary to zakdyuchit the contract with provider in which the type and peak speed of a data plan will be stipulated. And, respectively, the most expensive, unlimited high-speed data plans are the most convenient. This way is most convenient if you need to be constantly online, at the same time without leaving the house or office.

3. If you on a work debt constantly move, but you need to remain in network, for example, for data acquisition or implementation of web surfing, then your choice can fall on the Internet on the basis of edge or gprs. There are no fundamental differences between these types of connection to network. For connection to the Internet you can use the mobile phone or the specialized modem. For the choice of the most convenient rate you should contact mobile network operators, paying special attention to unlimited data plans. The fact is that the stated speed is designated as peak, that is the company does not guarantee its maintenance at this level during the whole time, it only designates it as greatest possible. For this reason it is simpler to pay once a license fee and to use the Internet without restrictions during the whole month.

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