"How to connect the laptop to the Internet if one computer is already connected"

"How to connect the laptop to the Internet if one computer is already connected"

Creation of a local area network with Internet access – process extraordinary. It is possible to make it in several ways therefore everyone can choose for itself(himself) that option most of which we accept in a specific situation.

It is required to you

  • Wi-Fi adapter, network cable.


1. Let's begin with a situation in which the laptop is connected to the computer by means of a cable. It is the most popular option which is the easy-to-customizest.

2. Open network connectionson the computerthe list. Find network which is formed by its connection with the laptop. Pass to its properties. Open settings of the TCP/IP protocol. If you use the Windows Seven operating system, then similar protocols will be two. Select the fourth version, but not the sixth.

3. Fill the IP address field. Enter into it number It is better not to use other address because it can result in lack of stable Internet access from the laptop.

4. Save settings. Open properties of connection to the Internet on the computer. Find the Access tab and click it. Activate point which is responsible for ensuring access on the Internet of all computers of a local area network.

5. Turn on the laptop. Open the settings described in the third step. Enter in the IP address field. Now you need to fill out the Main Gateway and The Preferred DNS Server points. Enter into them the computer address. Save settings.

6. There are cases when it is impossible to carry out cable connection of the computer with the laptop. In such situations adapters of wireless communication come to the rescue. Get one Wi-Fi the adapter. It is better to use the device working with USB port as it is easier to connect it.

7. Install the software delivered complete with Wi-Fi the adapter. Open the control menu wireless networks. Click "Add" and click the Create Network the Computer Computer point. Set the password and a name for connection. Save settings.

8. Turn on the laptop, activate search of wireless networks and be connected to the computer. Make the settings described in the third, fourth and fifth steps.

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