How to connect the laptop to the Internet via the smartphone

How to connect the laptop to the Internet via the smartphone

The main part of modern phones, smartphones and communicators possesses functions the modem. It means that these devices can be a link between the computer and the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - USB cable.


1. It is possible to connect the mobile computer to a world wide web via the smartphone in two widespread ways. You can use usual cable connection or Bluetooth channel. The first option has obvious advantage: the majority of phones is capable to be charged through an USB cable. Select the program through which you will synchronize the laptop with the smartphone.

2. Usually these programs are available on the official sites of vendors of mobile phones. Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson created very similar utilities called PC Suite. Download the suitable program and install it.

3. Reboot and start PC Suite. Connect your smartphone to the laptop, using a cable of a certain format. Wait until the started program defines the mobile phone.

4. Make sure that the smartphone is connected to the Internet. For this purpose start the built-in browser and try to open any web page. Return to the PC Suite utility. Open the Connection to the Internet menu and click "Configure".

5. Fill out the opened menu. Specify those parameters of connection which your mobile network operator recommends to use. Click "Connect" and wait until phone connects to the server. Open the web browser on the laptop and check works of connection with the Internet.

6. If you want to use Bluetooth channel, then include this function in settings of the smartphone. Make sure that the device is available for connection of external devices. Execute search of Bluetooth devices from the laptop and be connected to your smartphone. Start PC Suite and wait for connection establishing. Repeat the procedure of setup of the Internet and be connected to network. Check periodically smartphone accumulator charge level.

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