How to connect the modem to access point

How to connect the modem to access point

For expansion of a local area network there is a mass of different ways. If it is about wireless access point, it is the most reasonable to connect to it the modem which will transmit a signal to other devices.

It is required to you

  • Network cable.


1. The modem or the router can be connected to access point in two ways: wire and wireless. For a start create cable connection. Connect new the router to to the device on which the access point was created.

2. For this purpose connect WAN (Internet) port of the router to the LAN (Ethernet) connector of other equipment. This way of connection will allow you to create new wireless access point.

3. Connect the laptop or the computer to LAN (Ethernet) channel of the router. Open the browser and enter into an address bar of the IP device.

4. Open the Internet Setup menu (Setup of network). Set to the router the new static IP address (if it is necessary) and assign LAN port the main channel of Internet access.

5. Open the Wireless Setup menu (Wi-fi Setup). Create access point similar to that which already exists. Naturally, change SSID (Name) of new wireless access point.

6. If the possibility of cable connection of the equipment is absent, then parameters of settings should be changed a little.

7. Open the Wireless Setup menu and configure connection to wireless access point. Minus this way is that you will not be able to create a new wireless network.

8. Connect all computers and laptops to Ethernet (LAN) ports of the router. Pass to the Internet Setup menu. Allow all local computers to use wireless connection of this router for Internet access. Include the DHCP function not to configure settings of a local area network on each computer.

9. If this function is absent, then open properties of the network adapter on any of computers and pass to properties of the TCP/IP protocol. Find the Main Gateway and Preferred DNS Server points. Enter into them the router IP address.

10. Fill out the same way the IP address point, having changed the last segment. Repeat this setup for all other PCs or laptops.

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