How to connect the selected Internet

How to connect the selected Internet

The Internet very popular means of communication would become seemed quite recently, but already now is practically in each house. In apartment houses and offices several years such technology of connection of the Internet as the dedicated line cardinally different from connection by means of the modem is actively used.


1. To be connected to the Internet on a dedicated line, find out what companies provide this service in your area. Depending on the place of your residence (or works), them can be a little or much. It can be the provider working for all city (for example, Corbina Telecom, Ayr-Telecom, Intersvyaz and others) or provider local, providing services of the Internet only in your area. And the last will be optional worse on quality at all, than the large operator.

2. Visit the website of the company provider, call them or approach them in office and find out what data plans are provided by the company, what their cost. Comparing different data plans of the different companies, select for yourself optimum. When choosing the company - 0 providers surely make sure that the house in which you live or you work is serviced by this company. Leave the request for connection and wait for specialists who will perform all necessary installation works on leading of the Internet directly to your apartment.

3. Further make sure that on your computer there is a special network interface card allowing connection of Ethernet networks – that is the selected networks through a cable the twisted pair cable. In all modern computers and laptops this card is included in the delivery package. Connect the computer to the Internet directly via the network cable. If you want to connect 2 or more computers at once, buy the router – the device which will accept a signal, and then to send it on all devices which are in a router area of coverage.

4. Configure connection on your computer. If you cannot make it independently, the specialist of the company provider surely will help you to create the main settings. At the first Internet connection the system will ask you to enter the login and the password which were given you by provider when signing the contract. You can remember them on the computer and install a tick that connection was established automatically at each turning on of the computer. So you should not enter every time the login and the password again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team