How to consider the server

How to consider the server

On the server more than one thousand websites can be placed, and in functionality it is similar to the computer as it has the processor, random access memory and the hard drive. What indicators of the server need to be considered if you decided to get a hosting? It will be reasonable to check load of the server, normal work of the website will demand resources of the processor and random access memory.


1. Most providers, as a rule, has the considerable number of servers. And buying a hosting, you cannot foreknow on what of them your website will be placed. Proceeding from it to evaluate quality of a hosting, that is to check load of the server, use the free test period.

2. Place timers on the scripts which are on the website. Have patience and spend several days for collecting statistics on temporary generation of pages, to execution of PHP and separately on request processing of MySQL. After that construct the diagram and analyze whether there is in peak hours a deterioration in performance. But for carrying out the similar analysis it is necessary that on the website there was an attendance.

3. It is very good if the hoster provider gives the chance of providing access on SSH. In this case use the top command. The received result which you see in the drawing is decrypted so: 0.76, 0.61, 0.52 – designates loading of the server for the last one minute, five and fifteen where unit is 100% loading. up 20+08:46:29 19:29:45 – means aptime, that is time of smooth operation of the server (in the given example it is 20 days). Other data are statistics on use of random access memory and a swap, at inactive use of the last.

4. Hosters monitor that each of the websites did not use too much resource as it can lead to infringement of the rights of others. As for load of the channel, you can carry out its inspection, having used pingovy service, for example this You receive the statistics in several days. Also pay attention to work of technical support. If her answers come in reasonable time (at most 72 hours), on statement are clear, reasonably answer to the point, then it is good result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team