How to contact the site administrator

How to contact the site administrator

If you want to contact the administrator of a resource, it is enough to pass "Contacts" into appropriate section. Use one of the offered ways: call on cell phone number, write the e-mail address or communicate by number ICQ or Skype.


1. To ask several questions to the author or the owner of a resource, it is not obligatory to write in comments on subjects at all, write directly. Except the special Contacts page, the section can be called, for example, "As to contact us" or "About the website". Often a contact information can be found in a cap (top part of the page) or in the basement of the website.

2. From the provided options of link establishment by the most available e-mail or e-mail is. Also not a rarity existence of ICQ number or login of the company in Skype. For discussion of any private matters it is recommended to use number of the cell or landline phone.

3. Often on the websites there is a form of "Feedback". For communication with the administrator you need to fill all fields and to enter the question or a wish. Among the filled fields can appear: "Name", "Surname" and "Website address". After writing of access click "Send".

4. But not all resources have the section by means of which it is possible to contact the administrator. In such cases use Who is service. At registration of the domain the user is obliged to specify the contact information, including the e-mail address and the phone number which are necessary to you at present. For domains in the zone ru restrictions for access to e-mail of the owner of the domain because of the constant coming spam were introduced.

5. Today services with the name Who is there are several dozen. Most of them is created for check of availability of the domain. Since you are interested in information on its owner, it is possible to contact, for example, this service: Enter the resource address into the search string "IP address or domain". Information on the owner of a resource to be highlighted in several seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team