How to contain the website

How to contain the website

The websites, intellectual property are the real estate of the 21st century. Popular resources at due care can bring to their owners solid income from advertizing and direct sales. Besides the owner of the website to be quite prestigious. As any property, the websites require a certain work.

Hosting and domain

Once a month it is necessary to prolong a hosting (service of providing the place on the server), and once a year - a domain name. If to miss the moment of timely payment of a hosting, you risk positions of your website in search delivery.

For the resources getting the main profit on placement of contextual advertizing or sale of links, deterioration in positions of delivery - a serious failure. If you forget to prolong a domain name, you risk to lose the website at all. Therefore with a hosting and a domain name you should not joke. The benefit, cost of these services it is normal is small, and the companies providers, in most cases, notify on payment term in advance.


Regular filling by content

Not less important process is constant adding of qualitative articles and images on the website. Each webmaster solves problems with content differently. Someone writes articles independently and posts personal photos on court of audience.

You can buy qualitative photos for little money on microdrains. One of the most known:

If you have not a lot of time, or large volumes of articles are required, it is simpler to contact on the exchange of freelancers. On or you will be able to find suitable performers for a small payment. So, it will turn out that to contain the website and to develop infobusiness favourably and effectively.

You can increase number of the content, having used shops of ready articles. This way even quicker and more simply, than work with freelancers.



It is important that the maintenance of your website was amicable with search engines. As a result of such "friendship" you receive inflow from searchers - and additional profit.

All works on optimization can be separated into two groups: internal and external. Internal optimization includes drawing up a semantic kernel (the list of the major keywords on your subject), relinking (links from internal pages of your website to sections of your resource).

External works are meant as purchase of links on other websites by subject close to yours. Them it is possible to lease ( or to buy "forever" ( It is the simplest to advance the website, using in parallel both strategy. Pay attention: upon purchase of links important that they had as much as possible natural appearance: different anchors (text of a hyperlink in which visitors of third-party sites will pass); links should be bought not only leaders on main, but also on internal pages of a resource. How many should be external references? Everything depends on the competition. The more fight, the more it is necessary to enclose in promotion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team