How to copy a page

How to copy a page

To save the Internet page before modification, it is necessary to copy it previously. It is more practical, than to write the publication address, if to update information on the website, then it will be difficult to look at basic data.


1. It is possible to copy the page in several ways. If it is necessary to save it as the picture, then key PrintScreen which is in the first row on the right. With its help the photo of work area of the monitor limited to its sizes turns out. But if to you it is necessary not whole, but a part of the page, then this way allows to receive the qualitative image of a necessary piece of the web page.

2. Open the Paint program. It is the standard graphics editor which is present at the Windows operating system. Turn into "Start-up", deploy "All programs", open the Standard folder and by means of double click start Paint. If it is impossible, pass into the folder of storage of the program: "Start-up" - "Computer" - "A local disk C" - "Windows" - "System32" - "Mspaint".

3. On the toolbar select "Insert" or click Ctrl + V. In an application window you will see the picture of the copied page. If you need it completely, then in the menu click "Save as" and select a format. The 24-bit drawing (*.bmp, *.dib)" or PNG (*.png) is by default specified ".

4. You want to cut the certain section – select it, click Ctrl + With, then choose the Create command. On a question "Save changes in the Unnamed file, click "Not save". Opened a leaf reduce to the minimum size – it should not exceed the selected object. Insert the picture with use of Ctrl + V and save it on the computer.

5. If it is necessary to copy the web page with a possibility of the subsequent viewing entirely, open it in a browser window, right-click in any free space and at first select from the dropped-out menu "Save as", and then – "A web the page, completely". The document will be copied with the HTML extension, plus to it the folder in which graphic files and scripts will be included will be created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team