How to copy a website template

How to copy a website template

The template of the website represents a set of graphic elements which are developed by means of the special software. Often beginning web designers cannot develop the graphics for the website, and throw all inventions. However you should not despair as any elements can be copied from other websites.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - Dreamweaver program.


1. templatewebsiteIt is possible to copy by means of any file management program, for example, as FAR. It is also possible to carry out this operation through the Windows Conductor window. It will not occupy many forces you and time.

2. If you work on creation of the website with the Dreamweaver system, then there it is the simplest to rewrite the necessary template. This program is the irreplaceable tool for creation of full web projects and also editing pages, pictures, banners and a set of other things. It is possible to download from the official site of

3. To copy a template, come into the Site panel and activate the website in which there are necessary elements. You can select any project, however, it is worth taking only what you in the subsequent will be able to understand. Further it is necessary to select all parameters under the website.

4. Now open the Assets panel. In it switch to the list of all templates and select necessary. On an element it is necessary to right-click, having opened a context menu. The Copy to site submenu contains all websites which were ever entered into Dreamweaver. Now it was necessary only to select the template interesting you.

5. In any other program there is a column "Setup of Templates" which is in the list. To copy website elements, remember a template which costs by default. Further give this value to the necessary project for copying. "Add" to a line, enter the new project and click "Save". You created the new element which is the copy of that which costs "by default".

6. Creating the website, it is possible to copy easily pleasant template from other website, without making for it great efforts. Also It should be noted that through the Dreamweaver program it is possible to develop own projects. The main thing learn web programming bases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team