How to copy on the Internet

How to copy on the Internet

Any user with sufficient length of service with the computer knows that such Copy and Paste (to copy, insert). It is possible to copy files and folders in Windows Explorer, it is possible to copy pictures, texts on the Internet, in different programs for work with graphics, a sound, video and the text … In a word, work with a clipboard (clipboard) by means of which operations on copying and an insert of various objects are carried out is daily practically for each user. However if you for the first time meet the terms "copy" and "insert" in relation to computer technologies, we recommend to get acquainted with such method of work urgently.

It is required to you

  • — computer
  • — Internet access
  • — text editor


1. Need to save a part of any page on the Internet for the subsequent use arises quite often. For example, if you write the paper for school, or the term paper in institute. It is possible to work with a clipboard in three ways: by means of the hot keys, by means of the main menu of the program and by means of a context menu.

2. The fastest way — the first - the hot keys. Open the website interesting you, select a proper word, the offer or the paragraph with the left mouse button (to clamp the left button at the beginning of the offer, "drag" until the end of the offer and release). If the text is not located in the screen, it is possible to begin selection, then to be interrupted (to select the first part of the necessary text), to waste a page up to the end, to clamp the SHIFT key and to click at the end of the text. Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C for copying, switch in the editor (for example, Microsoft Word) and click Ctrl + V. It is correct to click the hot keys so: Ctrl is clamped, then, without releasing it, the following button is pressed (With or V), then both buttons are released.

3. If you are not on friendly terms with through the menu of the file. Select the necessary text (see step No. 1), right-click in it, in a context menu select the Copy item. In different browsers this point can be formulated differently. It is possible to insert into Word the text the same way — the right click, in the menu we select Paste.

4. The third way the most correct, but the longest. After selection of the necessary text fragment you should refer to the main menu of the browser. In any browser there is a standard Edit point, it also is necessary to us. Without removing selection, click Editing-> to Copy (Edit-> Copy). The text is copied. Switch in Word, in it there are a main menu and the similar Editing point too. Click Editing-> to Insert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team