How to correct assessment

How to correct assessment

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If you want to become the good specialist and to receive the good salary, it is necessary to have education. At education (not important, the highest, average, average special) it is necessary to monitor the progress. If the moment when you understood that estimates need to be corrected came, follow the simple scheme, and at you surely everything will turn out.


1. The main thing in study – desire to comprehend new, to gain knowledge, to be improved in the different fields of science. Therefore, the first what it is necessary to pay attention to is your laziness. Try to overcome it in any ways.

2. If estimates have to be corrected in a subject which, say, not really is interesting to you, get it together and force to sit down and learn. Cultivate in yourself such qualities, necessary for successful study, as assiduity, patience, attentiveness, concentration and of course, responsibility. At first it can seem difficult, but over time process will involve you and it will even be pleasant.

3. Try to plan the time. Often problems begin with it. Make to yourself the diagram per day and if responsibly to approach this question, then you will surely manage and to take a walk, and to the pool to go, and the telecast liked to look and is unconditional, to make lessons.

4. You approach responsibly doing homework. Repeating the material which was so studied at school (university), you set the gained knowledge.

5. Do not put off what you can make today. If today you have quite free, unloaded day, devote a part of time to study: esteem, repeat the material passed earlier, perform homework for the couple of days ahead, look through information which the teacher plans to present you only in a month.

6. Show activity at lessons. If the teacher understands that its subject is interesting to you that you pay it special attention, ask questions, listen carefully, then he will surely meet requirements of you. It is known long ago that for each teacher its subject – most important.

7. Ask the teacher to give you an additional task for the house, for example, the paper. It will help to deserve the attitude, good to itself and if you execute everything on "perfectly", in the log the good mark will appear.

8. Do not argue with the teacher, show the respect for it and its subject. Even if you unfairly, in your opinion, received a bad note, try not to create a conflict situation. It is unlikely it will do you good.

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