How to create a flash game

How to create a flash game

Games in the Flash format are very popular among the Internet, they can be built in practically any website. Modern mobile technologies gradually restrict such games, but they are still in great demand. To create a flash-game, you need to learn a special programming language and also to know the main stages of creation of similar applications.

Idea of a game

Before beginning direct creation of a game, you need to have an idea of it. The Flash technology most of all is suitable for creation not of difficult games with the minimum quantity of opportunities. The ideas for such game there can be a set, for example, a puzzle or role-playing game. All these games, as a rule, are designed for one player who can make a limited number of actions. If you never created game flash earlier, you should begin with the 2D format. Creation of 3D games is also possible, but on it profound knowledge of a programming language and wide experience are required.



The flash code of a game is written in the Action Script 3 (AC3) programming language. Successfully to create own game, you need to have at least basic knowledge of this language. In the course of its study it is recommended to create elementary games which will give an idea of how this technology works. A good way of learning AC3 language – reading the code of other developers. Programmers usually do not uncover initial codes the games, but you can find open projects and also different textbooks where such codes can be submitted.


For fast creation of a game you will also need to acquire the Flash Professional program. It is the paid program, but it considerably simplifies development process, besides no additional programs are required to you.

Folder structure

The game created by you can be rather difficult and comprise a set of images and audioclips. Not to get confused in them, create separate folders. For example, you should have the main folder in which all project of a game is stored, it can contain a pack ice of img, snd and src in which pictures, audioclips and files with the code respectively will be stored. Such organization of folders is especially important if several people work on a game.

Coding and testing

There are three main code structures used when writing the code of a game in AC3 language: variables, event handlers and functions. They will allow you to transfer your algorithms to the code. Besides, the code of the program will contain so-called objects with which the player will operate. Each of these objects has set of property which will also need to be specified. For control of a program runtime and check of the current values of specific objects you can use the trace command (). Having finished with creation of the code, you can test immediately the game, having selected Create-menu item> Test Movie in a window of the Flash Professional program.

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