How to create a page in a mail

How to create a page in a mail

More and more people understand usability of social networks to communication, blogging, promotion of the goods and services. Some of them offer a convenient way of storage of photos and files. One of such resources is also ""my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."".


1. Register a mailbox. For this purpose visit the homepage, click on ""registration in mail"". Attentively read terms of service. If everything suits you, enter the personal data in the opened questionnaire.

2. Think how the login of your mailbox should sound. If you plan it to use in business communication, it is better to give as much as possible strict name. It is the best of all to use full writing of your surname and initials. If you create a corporate mailbox, then and the login should contain the name of the company. Check whether the option selected by you is occupied.

3. Think up the memorable password for your mailbox. Pay attention, the password should consist of Latin and digits. The combination and that will be best of all, and others at total number of characters not less than thirteen - it will serve reliability of your password and will help to prevent cracking of your mailbox.

4. Specify the real mobile phone number. Or following instructions, think up a confidential question and well remember exact writing of the answer to it. Do not use such questions, answers to which it is easy to guess or your ill-wishers can know.

5. Enter the confirmation code sent to your number.

6. Come on the new mailbox. In a top panel you will see the My World button. Click.

7. Fill in the "my questionnaire" panel" pages ""personal data"", ""Interests"", ""Education"", ""Career"", ""Locations"", ""Army"" according to the purposes by which you were guided at a page institution in ""My world"". Do not specify information which can be used by your ill-wishers or normal hooligans.

8. Register in the communities interesting you. Configure access and a subscription. Load your photos.

9. Add users with whom you would like to communicate within this project as a friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team