How to create a unicorn in sims 3 pets

How to create a unicorn in sims 3 pets

Games of a The Sims series are known for the unusual additions. With each new add-on various interesting beings appear in a game. So addition of The Pets entered into a game of a fantastic unicorn.


1. Unfortunately, the unicorn cannot be created at start of a game. He can only be tamed. Well or to bring together with him the horse belonging to family. Probability of the birth of a little unicorn at such couple fifty on fifty.

2. It is quite difficult to find a unicorn during night walks on the town. Better at approach of twilight (about eight in the evening) to pass into the mode of the card and to wait for a characteristic flickering cloud which speaks about appearance of a unicorn. In fact, this cloud is a part of a magic loop of this unusual being. Having seen such phenomenon, it is necessary to direct to it the Sim to acquaint him with a unicorn.

3. To invite a unicorn in family, at first it is necessary to make sure that you have still free slots. In one family there cannot be more than ten characters so, perhaps, you should get rid of somebody.

4. Sim who is on friendly terms with the or foreign pets has more chances to make friends with a unicorn. This creation prefers kind and friendly sim and willingly starts with them friendship.

5. Having become with a unicorn close friends, this can invite him in the family. Green shine will mean consent, and red — failure. Do not repeat the request at once, continue communication with a mystical being. Try to improve the relations and to invite it once again in several days.

6. In spite of the fact that unicorns live much longer than horses, normal requirements are not alien to them. Unicorns should eat, actively I am eager to move and satisfy, however all this is required to it in smaller quantities and less than to simple horses. If not to care for a magic animal sufficiently, your Sim will be visited by the social worker and will take away the mystical pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team