How to create a website

How to create a website

Creation of own website even if and on the local computer, requires certain knowledge or the special software. For example, some professionals are convinced that it is possible to create the website and in any text editor, but why to invent the bicycle if near at hand there can be modern solutions.

It is required to you

  • Software of Microsoft Office Publisher.


1. After installation of this program you will be able to see its label on a desktop or in the Start menu. Double click on a program icon - you will see a main window. Here click the top File menu and select the Create item.

2. You will see the Masters of Creation window - press the Websites button. Pay attention to the right part of this window, scroll all list and select an element "the Website. Eaves". Press Next. Among the appeared color schemes select any scheme and press Next to confirm the choice.

3. In the current window give a mark opposite to the Article point, press Next, and before you there will be a standard list of forms and also the new empty page will be displayed.

4. Now you need to select a navigation bar. It is recommended to use Vertical and Horizontal option. Press Next to continue work. In the appeared offer on inclusion of a sound of the opening page answer in the negative, having pressed No button. You needed to enter some data (surname, a name, etc.), after that the template is ready to the subsequent work.

5. For change of the general image of the homepage of your website it is necessary to select it and to press the Masters of Creation button. In the opened window it is necessary to select the necessary file and to press the Add the Picture button. Then it is necessary to save changes. In a window of request answer positively, having pressed the Yes button.

6. The main work was made also business only in filling of the Internet page content. Here it is worth changing names of standard elements, for example, of heading of the home page. For its change it is necessary to click the line of the same name and to replace the text with the.

7. For text insertion from the relevant document it should be noted a part of the page in which this content will be located. Then open the top Insert menu and select "Text file".

8. For saving the created child in the HTML format it is necessary to click the top File menu and to select the line "Save as the Web Page". Here specify project title, its arrangement and click "Save" or the ENTER key.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team