How to create a website cap

How to create a website cap

Cap – the business card of the resource, the most significant graphic element on the virtual page. Looking at its design, visitors quite often draw conclusions about attractiveness and the importance of all website.

There are several ways to create a website cap. Treat the most widespread:

  • development of design with use of graphics editors;

  • creation of a cap for the website on ready templates;
  • use of a ready cap on own resource.

Development of design with use of opportunities of the Photoshop and other professional software allows to make a cap of the website exclusive, mobile, multifunction, that is to turn creative imagination of the owner of a resource into reality. If necessary it is possible to use thematic lessons with step-by-step instructions, following which to try to create independently a website cap. However without special knowledge of graphics and design it is hardly possible to expect professional result.

One more option is to reproduce design, having used ready templates. Possibilities of such graphics editors in many respects concede to the Photoshop, but in them there are advantages. In particular, the user can select the necessary template on the interesting topic from several dozen provided change its color, scale, transparency, to add some other elements. Such graphics editors approach if the plain and clear cap for the blog or a resource is necessary.

The simplest option which is suitable for users with the minimum skills, – to use special service where already ready caps of the websites are provided. There are two categories of offers – paid and free. Among the wide range of those and other samples it is possible to select optimum and to copy it on the Internet resource.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team