How to create a website template

How to create a website template

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Creation of the website not always requires skills of web programming. For creation of the simple personal page in network to you there will be enough knowledge of the Front Page program giving enough opportunities for drawing and structuring a template of the website.

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1. Open Front Page and in the list of templates select the one-page website. Open a template, and then open the View menu and click "Folder list" to display structure of the index.html page in a program window.

2. In work area you can edit the page as it will want to you. If you change the mind, having decided that the one-page website is not enough – you at any time can complement a template with additional pages and folders.

3. To create the simple empty website, use the Empty Web template.

4. If you want to create from the very beginning the multipage website, select the Personal Web template (personal website) in which you will be able to place all necessary information on yourself, photos text given, references and other elements.

5. For creation of such website open the File menu and click "Create the page or the website". Then select "Templates of websites".

6. Enter the name of the website which you create and also its location on the computer. Click on the Personal web icon and wait for the end of process of creation of a template of the website.

7. After a while the structure of the website will open for editing in the right part of a window of the program, and in the left part of a window you will see the folder list and structure of the created website.

8. Clicking a mouse on each page in structure, you thereby come into the module of editing this page. Modify and transform contents of pages, using different means of structuring and design of FrontPage.

9. Add the table, images, the text and many other things that will create the maintenance of your personal website.

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