How to create an online auction

How to create an online auction

Own online auction allows not only to earn money, but also to get rid of excess things in the house. By means of online auctions you can even begin very profitable small business. For this purpose it is enough only the computer with Internet connection.

It is required to you

  • - Computer and Internet;
  • - licenses;
  • - things for sale.


1. Esteem about already existing successful online auctions. One of them is eBay. You can use it as a sample.

2. Register the special bank account, having provided your contact information. Create the page and think up the user ID. Using this identifier, participants of an auction will have a possibility of access to your profile, to select objects for sale. Surely issue your activity by lawful path in the nearest tax office.

3. Prepare objects which will be exposed at an auction. Create the description to each point. Specify whether new it is a thing or second-hand and everything that does it unique. Squeeze keywords by which buyers will be able to find it in the text.

4. Photograph each lot and load photos on the computer into the folder which is always easily available. Define category for each lot. To each of them create the short description. The category can indicate yours of a discretion, for example, sport, cinema, the house and a garden.

5. Select the price at which you agree to offer lot for sale. Install on the website the special script allowing bidders to expose own price at the auction in real time.

6. Answer e-mail of the participant immediately as soon as he buys goods. High-quality customer service will become an important factor for participation in the auction at your auction. Be polite and professionally constrained at communication with buyers. Provide to buyers of coordinate for feedback as soon as they pay a product. Feedback seriously increases trust of the buyer.

7. Send goods to the buyer as soon as possible. Just as for buyers it is important to pay goods right after the end of an auction, it is important and for his sender to provide timely departure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team