How to create dns the server

How to create dns the server

DNS – the domain name system allowing to create for each computer in network the domain name. It is possible to create the DNS server by means of a specialized software in any Windows system. If at you costs Windows Server 2008, then installation can be carried out via the control panel.


1. Download the BIND program from the official site of the developer. After completion of loading unpack the received archive and start the BINDInstall.exe file. Specify path of C as the Targert Directory parameter for convenience: BIND, in the Service Account Name field enter a user name, and in Service Account Password – the password. These points are filled for the purpose of safety. Click Install and wait for the end of installation.

2. Create the configuration file named.conf in a directory of C: BINDetc also enter server settings. Also you can find the ready file in the Internet.

3. After completion of all settings reboot and start the command line ("Start-up" - "All programs" - "Standard" - "Command line"). Enter request: nslookupesli DNS the server works, setup can be considered complete.

4. On computers from the installed Windows Server it is possible to create DNS via the control panel. Select "Start-up" - "Control panel" - "Administration" - "Server management".

5. In the left part of a window open the Server Manager tab and select an object of "Role". In the right part of the panel click "Add a role" (Add Roles).

6. In the appeared Master of roles select "DNS Server". Further follow instructions of the master. Click "Install" and wait for emergence of the notification on successful installation.

7. For introduction of server options pass into the console of management ("Start-up" - "All programs" - "Administration" - DNS). To open a setup wizard select a name of your computer and click a menu item of "Action" - "Configuration". Following instructions on the screen, enter the necessary settings. At the end of the procedure Key "Is ready".

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