How to create the avatar

How to create the avatar

If you talk to forums, for certain noticed that all posts of participants are displayed together with the small picture. This picture is also called an avatar. Its presence recovers communication, gives a certain concept about the person who stands behind it.

It is required to you

  • - computer,
  • - Internet access.


1. It is rather simple to create an avatar. In network there are websites specializing in it. Enter the name of the resource in a search string of the browser or simply "create an avatar". In the second case it will be necessary to select the website from what will offer the browser, and in the first you will pass to the homepage of the necessary website at once.

2. In the beginning register. This procedure is similar to registration on any other resource. Specify the data and also a work address of e-mail. This necessary condition for registration because to your e-mail the confirmation should come from the website.

3. Enter the mailbox. If the letter containing the reference for registration activation came
pass on it and you can start creation of the avatar.

4. On the homepage of the website select the Create the Gravatar button.

5. After that the Manager of Gravatar window where you can add the picture will open or load them on the computer.

6. If as an avatar you want to have the photo, it is necessary to place previously it on the computer. Specify path to your photo in the opened dialog box, press the Select button and wait until the photo is uploaded to the site.

7. Further the will be required to select category of the picture from four provided. The choice for you. You can load for each category different images in the similar ways, and you can note one photo for all.

8. – click the following step the Management of a Gravatarama panel. Here it is possible to change images, to substitute signatures to them, to change categories and so forth. Created gravatar will follow you on all resources where you want to leave the message.

9. It is even simpler create an avatar for one website or a forum. On the Internet the collection of paid and free pictures avatars is provided. If the unique picture is necessary, it can be bought on a resource or to load the on the website master. In a workshop online it is possible to attach special effects to the image, to make color correction, to create a unique image. After the avatar is created, pass to a forum or into social network into the personal account.

10. Select the Edit Data function - "Insert an avatar". Specify path to the required file in the opened dialog box. Click "Select". In the respective field on your page this image will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team