"How to create the blog in ""LiveJournal"""

"How to create the blog in ""LiveJournal"""

It is difficult to people of the senior generation to understand new terms, and they sometimes do not understand that it ""my world"", LJ, ""schoolmates"" and ""e-mail"". Meanwhile, to these people is what to tell, they can tell a lot of interesting and just spend time with benefit and interest. One of ways to make it is to create the personal blog in ""LiveJournal"" to write in it anything. For brevity this portal we will call LJ

It is required to you

  • Computer or laptop
  • Connection to the Internet or USB stick 3G for Internet connection
  • Personal e-mail


1. Enter into the Internet, in a search window gather a phrase ""LiveJournal"" - the following picture will appear.
Now find the inscription ""create the account or enter through"" in the upper right corner - and pictures logos of social networks are farther. If you are already registered in one of networks, then can safely click a familiar icon and then the blog in LJ receive automatically.

2. If you have no account in social network, click the inscription ""create the account"". There will be other picture.
Here everything is already simple: in empty windows we press a name under which you want to be published in LJ, the e-mail address and the password which is necessary for a login to the blog. It is better to think up a name and the password in advance. Attentively read everything that is on the page - there a lot of useful. When everything is filled, press the Create the Account button at the bottom of the page.

3. Enter the e-mail - there already should be a letter that your account in LJ can be activated. Click the active link which will be in the letter, after that you should be included on the page in LJ. There is a lot of interesting and if you read all information, everything will become clear to you.

4. To write something to the blog - in the right top part of the page click ""New record"". There will be a plate with the inscription ""Subject"" - here it will be necessary to enter the name of your text (post). And in a big window the text of the message is printed below. Pay attention to ""Tags"" under a window with the text. Here it is necessary to enter keywords - those which reflect the main contents of the text.

5. After you printed all text, study all instructions under it - there are many opportunities to manage this text, including to automatically send it to the social networks - enough only to check about its logo. Now it is possible to click ""Send"".

6. As a rule, in the very first text the owner of the blog writes about himself: about the interests, a hobby - about everything that will consider necessary that will help readers of its blog to size up it. Also ticks off above ""Subject"" on the right ""Make the attached record"". In this case this text will always remain at the top of the blog and as soon as someone opens it - will read the first, and other your texts as the return chronology will already go then.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team