How to create the browser game

How to create the browser game

One of types of business which can make profit at the correct organization is creation of online games. There is a set of successful projects – the Legend: Heritage of Dragons, Online Tanks, and many others. The reason of success of each of them – without downloading a combination of a free segment, the unique game process and simple solutions allowing to play the client, online. To create a game, it is optional to have education in the sphere of programming, it is rather simple to have the idea.


1. So, first of all, you should think over the idea completely. Estimate the market of games which are provided now. Do not investigate it for the purpose of cloning of the existing projects, make the list of pluses and minuses of each game, including the short description of orientation – a fantasy, economic, post-apocalyptic or military. The more games you will be able to browse, the you will be better to realize what is not enough in the market now.

2. As soon as at you the idea is ready, write the approximate script of alignment of forces. The most successful projects use such mechanism of a gameplay as rpg – in this case each player independently develops the character in the game world, performing tasks and collecting an award in the form of experience and game currency.

3. The number of the parties for which the user can play should not exceed four, otherwise it is easily possible to get confused. Path of development of the character will depend on the choice of the party. If the game world represents "everyone for itself", players should have an opportunity to integrate in clans and the unions. Surely use the system of rating of players – it will urge forward their competitive spirit.

4. Employ design team and invite third-party participants for testing of a product. If at you not really well it turns out with a descriptive part, you can grant the right to write the script for a game to other person, certainly, for a reward.

5. Remember that a game should make profit – enter special game objects which can be bought for real money and use exchange of real money for game. Monitor development of a game, you make changes if it is necessary, and constantly you introduce something new that players did not manage to get used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team