How to create the diary on the Internet

How to create the diary on the Internet

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On the Internet, or if to be more precisely, the blog (from English blog, weblog — the network diary), practically every tenth Internet user has the diary. Someone often writes, and its blog becomes along with media, someone once a month hangs up couple of photos, for himself, or for a narrow circle of friends. In principle, not important what purposes at you, because anyway, the personal blog superfluous will not have. There is a lot of services on a hosting of blogs, let's select among them two essentially different options.

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1. One of the oldest and most known services of online diaries — the system, notorious LJ about whom now, probably, only lazy did not hear.

Here everything is simple. We come on (or .ru), in the horizontal menu we select the Create the Account item. Further we fill a small form, we think out the login (more precisely — a user name under which you will create records and to write comments, then email, the password, some personal data and, at last, we press the Create the Account button. If everything is all right, registration confirmation will come to mail then you will be able to pass to settings of your brand new log. In settings it will be necessary to think up the name for the log, to define its appearance (there is a big list of ready themes, select any), to fill a page of information on itself, to select an avatar (here it is called yuzerpik) and … In general, all. Start filling of the log, share thoughts, add interesting logs to the friends page, etc.

2. Essentially other way to create the diary on the Internet is to start it independently, without using networks like livejournal or blogspot. This way will suit more likely web enthusiasts who are able to buy the domain and to order a hosting. These measures are necessary, however you do not need to create the website. Most modern hosting companies free of charge offer the user a number of the preset programs-CMS, Joomla and Wordpress most often occur among them. That's it Wordpress is also necessary to us. Come into the control panel of your hosting, pass into the section with software (or CMS) and set as main the CMS WordPress engine (it is only one cliques, on time the installation takes minute and passes automatically). It is ready. You pass to the website, set the administrator login and the password, in Wordpress select a theme (there are thousands of free and very nice subjects), put additional modules, remove unnecessary, a word — make your blog such as you want. After that it will be possible to start its filling. Advantage of this option in almost unlimited opportunities of expansion and individual preference, plus — you the owner of the blog, the administrator and the creator in one person.

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