How to create the fan the websites

How to create the fan the websites

Fan websites – quite widespread phenomenon. Not important, to what they are devoted – a game, favourite rock group, the book, the author or the movie. People like to find accomplices and to share something new about a subject of the adoration. Sometimes the fan websites expand to large portals with thousand audience.


1. What to begin with? The fan website begins with the idea, with a source. If you are sure that in RuNet your resource is not enough – act. Anyway the fan website brings benefit to a game or a brand around which he is constructed. He attracts new people and also constantly refers to official sources, thereby fairly raising their rating. And, of course, you should not forget about copyright of the publisher, to violate them – bad form.

2. Select a hosting and a domain name. Usually beginning "saytovoda" prefer free hostings, for example to Yandex. People, or These are rather simple and untwisted systems. They give the limited site under your website, an opportunity to use the designer of pages, the predetermined designs, a file store and other services. In exchange, on your website advertizing will be broadcast. Also, if you select a free hosting, in a domain name of the website there will be a prefix of service (head domain) which considerably reduces link value from your resunrs. The domain name even if you selected a free hosting, should be short, memorable and to capture the project essence.

3. Design. It is from scratch rather difficult make design most if you did not face it earlier. Therefore use one of standard templates, unikalizirovav it under the needs. For example, it is the simplest to replace a website cap with new, with your logo. Of course, if there is such opportunity, make completely unique design for your website. It should be convenient, not too strain an eye and cause desire to remain with you longer.

4. Filling. Never copy materials completely from other websites. It depreciates content of your website, both for search robots, and for possible visitors. It is possible to transfer material from foreign analogs or from the primary source, and also to retell news by the own words. And it is the best of all to write articles most, and also to open an opportunity for visitors to share the stories and the fan art.

5. Advertisement. Even the best fan website will be lost in a great number of others without good advertizing. Make friends with the similar websites and the websites of similar subject. Place references at forums where most often you appear or at an official forum of a game (the movie, the book).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team