How to create the first website to the beginner

How to create the first website to the beginner

Creation of the websites stopped being destiny only of professionals long ago. Now the one who only in general imagines process of functioning of a wide area network has an opportunity to make own website even.

It is required to you

  • computer;
  • Internet access;
  • free time.


1. For a start it is necessary to understand what represents the website. According to definition, the website is some the electronic documents located at a certain Internet address. So, the task comes down to the fact that you need to create one way or another a certain number of the documents prepared for viewing them in browsers, to assign them a unique address and to load on the server.

2. Paradoxically, but it is necessary to begin creation of the website with the end. You need to understand accurately what website you want to make to what subject it will be devoted, to consider its functional features, design and design. Depending on it it will be necessary to select certain tools for creation of the website.

3. The simplest website consisting of one-two pages containing the text and illustrations can be made directly in the Notepad program which enters the standard Windows set. Naturally, knowledge of language of a hypertext marking of HTML for this purpose will be required, however it is easy to find textbooks on this language in the Internet. As a rule, such textbooks contain a set of examples therefore, having completed a course up to the end, you will be able to create with ease the simple websites without additional programs.

4. If you do not want to understand HTML subtleties, it is possible to use the special editor with the graphic interface. The favorable difference of it a way from previous is that at any stage you will see result in the same form in which the website is displayed in the browser.

5. Besides, it is possible to download a ready template of the website on the Internet and to make necessary changes to it. Of course, such website will look rather simply as the quantity of options of design and functional filling in templates is limited to imagination of their creator, however the website on a template quite is suitable for the first experience.

6. At last, it is possible to use so-called "engine" of the website, that is the ready program code allowing to create the unique website. On the Internet there are several free engines intended for creation of different types of the websites and the subsequent management of their contents. Engines give huge opportunities for fine tuning of the mechanism of work of the websites and their design. Naturally, it is necessary to deal with them longer, than with templates from the previous step, however and the result will look much more serious.

7. After you understood in what way you will create the required electronic documents, it is necessary to attend to search of a unique address and the server. For this purpose you need to find a hosting and to select a domain name. The hosting is understood as service in providing a part of disk space and processing power of the server under the specific website – that place where you will load the files. The domain name is a unique address of the website on which it can be found in network. For the first website it is better to select a free hosting and the domain: it is simple to find the service offering similar services on a free basis in the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team