How to create the homepage of the website

How to create the homepage of the website

When developing the new project in network there is a question of creation of certain pages. The homepage plays a huge role as the user always gets on it. Beginners of a saytostroyeniye often have with it problems.


1. To create the homepage on the website, it is necessary to install the special CMS system. It represents the universal engine which manages all project. You need to pick up on the Internet for the project the most optimal variant of this system. Use search engines for data loading of files. Use the antivirus software to check all loaded data for existence of a malicious code.

2. As soon as the system is downloaded, load everything on a hosting on which there is your website. In the instruction the principle of installation will be described. It will take no more than an hour. As soon as the engine is completely installed, your website will become available in network. At the same time the homepage of the website which will be available to the address вашсайт.ru will automatically be created. You can install other template to completely change design of the project. Do not forget that all changes become on the hosting server.

3. Come under the account of the administrator into the control panel. Further click "Management of Templates" or "Pages of the Website". Find the main page there and open by means of the visual editor. Practically all modern CMS possess similar settings. Change information as it is necessary for you. You can add different tags, references to pictures, to use different types of fonts and many other things. Here the imagination has no limit. Do not forget to save all process. For viewing reboot the homepage.

4. It is possible to create the homepage for the project and in offline the mode. For this purpose use a notepad with code illumination. It is an optimal variant of use of the software not to make mistakes, especially if you the designer beginning a web. Write all code of the page and also attach files if those are available. You need to point direct references to them. Further archive everything and copy on the hosting server. In the main category extract all data. Usually main directory is named as website www/name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team