How to create the Internet TV channel

How to create the Internet TV channel

The Internet user can create the Internet TV channel. It is enough to possess steady and high-speed connection to a wide area network and also the device for capture of a sound and video. Having available these components, it is possible to register quietly on service, allowing a message Internet TV channels and to start broadcasting.

It is required to you

  • - webcam;
  • - microphone;
  • - WebCamPlus;
  • - Internet access.


1. Buy the webcam with the microphone. You should not buy the camera with the built-in microphone as they, as a rule, have bad tonal quality. Turn removal and on webcam parameters. The image should be accurate, a matrix - with the good permission, and record of video to have high parameters of video capture. If you have interruptions in connection to the Internet, then try to change provider for more stable. You do not want communication with TV viewers to break at the most inappropriate moment.

2. Select a resource on which you will register the Internet television. Before starting creation of TV channel, in the beginning attend a forum of this service to learn features of connection and opinion of users.

3. Register on a mail service of which, among all other, offers also an opportunity to create the Internet TV channel. For this purpose create a mailbox and activate My World service. Visit the page on social network and go to the Video tab which is in the left panel of the page. Find the Create Video Broadcasting point and click on it. The window at which video from your webcam will be displayed will appear. Check operation of the camera and press the Begin Broadcasting button. Under video there is a link which you can send to friends that they could look at your Internet TV channel.

4. Visit the page of a hosting Create the account on the resource website. Come into the account and select the Create Broadcasting item. Select type of your TV channel which can be temporary or constant. In the first case information on the channel will be deleted right after completion of broadcasting, and in the second - you will be able always to return to broadcasting.

5. Install on your computer the WebCamPlus program which helps to create Internet TV channel and at the same time allows to place images on any website or the blog.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team