How to create the local tracker

How to create the local tracker

What point of creation of the local tracker if there is already a great number of others on the Internet? And all charm is that if the provider has a local area network, then the speed of the Internet will correspond to your rate, and in a lokalka you will swing with the most available speed. Therefore the network of local trackers for users of different providers was thought up.


1. The main condition of creation of such tracker is presence of a local area network at your provider. If it is absent, then and there is no sense in the tracker too as speed will be identical, both on the Internet, and in the local area network. But if this condition is satisfied that, the server is bought, the torrent tracker is configured and installed.

2. It will represent the website on which will be posted a torrent files, thereby systematizing all added information. Access to it will be possible via the browser and local traffic will be used at the same time, and it is very favorable to users with the limited rates. As a basis for the website it is possible to use the torrentpier engine. This way is convenient only when in the local area network a large number of users, otherwise the spent efforts and money are vain.

3. Also other way of creation of the local tracker practices in the Internet: so-called retreker. This technology is that there is an exchange bittorrent traffic in local area networks of one or several providers. And each of them uses only local IPadresa. Use of a retreker reduces load of the main channel, just due to technology bittorrent. The fact is that in bittorrent - trackers not all file entirely shakes, and in parts, thereby without overloading servers and the channel. Plus to everything the speed of loading of files will be much higher, than about the Internet of trackers.

4. For use of a retreker it is necessary to specify in the file a torrent aannounceurlna and announceurlna a retreker. Without having made it, the user will use for downloading Internet traffic, but not local. Some providers do so that when you start a torrent the file, the special server is automatically added by a local retreker if such exists. And you will be able to download the same movie not in 2 hours, and in 30-40 minutes, and maybe less. About all details learn from your provider. It is necessary to remember that the retreker serves only for downloading fall forward, but not for placement and sorting a torrent of files.

5. Tell about everything in one article it will not turn out. If you were interested in this subject, then for a start esteem about the device of local trackers, ask at your provider on how traffic, etc. is distributed, consult at specialized forums. Get prettier to you speed and pleasant use!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team