How to create the mailing list in outlook

How to create the mailing list in outlook

Important part of program set from the Microsoft company is the Outlook application in its different versions. For many offices it is the necessary instrument of document flow and the organization of works. Very often there is a need for sending e-mails to the same group of recipients. If to add addressees on one, on it a lot of time leaves. Therefore it is worth creating the mailing list in Outlook.


1. Start the Outlook program. Left-click on an icon of the application on a desktop twice or click "Start-up" and select the necessary item in the All Programs menu. After loading of the application select the File menu and find the line "Create". When you guide the mouse pointer at this inscription, subparagraphs of actions will appear. Find the Mailing list point and left-click on it. The window of creation and editing the new list of recipients of mail will open.

2. Enter the name for the list in the Name field. So you will be able to create several different groups of recipients for different tasks, and subsequently quickly to switch between them. For example, "Customers", "Employees", "Friends" and so on.

3. Click with the inscription "Select Members" to add recipients from your address book. Find the necessary person in the list and click Apprx. the Window of the choice of the addressee it will be closed, and in the mailing list there will be a recipient, repeat, you will not enter all necessary addresses yet. This way well will approach if at you in the Outlook address book names and e-mail of those to whom you want to send mail are already entered. If this new name, it is necessary to use other method of introduction of addressees.

4. Left-click on the inscription "Add". The small window in which you will see the Short Name and E-mail address fields will open. Copy and insert a name and the address if you have a letter from this person, or gather a new name and the address manually. Click OK (it will become only active after input of the e-mail address). The dialog box will be closed, and in the list of recipients the new line will appear. Repeat this action so many time how many it is necessary for adding of all subscribers of mailing.

5. Click "File" in the top line of a window and select the Save item. Left-click it, and in several seconds the mailing list of Outlook will be created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team