How to create the mobile website free of charge

How to create the mobile website free of charge

Many mobile phones freely support the normal internet protocol – HTML, but also the mobile websites of WAP did not withdraw yet. Anyone can create the mobile website.


1. Visit the page and free of charge download the DotWap program. This program will help you to create the WAP website with the subsequent placement it on the Internet. Pay attention: for this purpose you will need neither language skills of programming, nor a hypertext marking.

2. Install and open the DotWap program. In spite of the fact that it is not Russified, it is simple to use it. Its toolbar consists of four sections. The first is responsible for "creation/opening/saving" the website, the second – for "loading/unloading/viewing". The third – for adding to the website of the next page, the paragraph, link or picture, the fourth – only for removal of the selected website element.

3. The first opened window will be the homepage of your future mobile website. Press two times the Add pages button. If you, let us assume, want to fill the website with any information, call two created News and Contacts pages respectively. Fill them with contents. So, on the News page it is possible to place information on how the website was created, and - to point the contact information to "Contacts". On the homepage it is possible to place a greeting. Click "Preview" ("Preview") and evaluate results of work.

4. Completely to evaluate and test the website, it is possible to use also WAP browsers of other vendors. But anyway to send the website to the publication, it is necessary to register in the system (for which the DotWap program is created) or to save it in a WML format for the publication in other systems.

5. To save the website in a WML format, come into the File menu and select the option "Create WML files …". Specify a directory in which DotWap will automatically create several files with the .wml extension.

6. Contact also on the page and download the FTP client to facilitate loading of content on a hoster of the WAP website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team