How to create the online magazine

How to create the online magazine

Where now do people read most actively? Naturally, on the Internet. Therefore mass media began process of resettlement in the Internet too. There was a significant growth in house, personal pages earlier. Now there is a large number of the informative, entertaining and information websites.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access
  • - browser


1. Decide on a subject on which you want to create the online magazine. Each newspaper, city, regional or factory, always contains all genres of journalism. And the online magazine should cover them. Narrow a subject of your log to a minimum, select very specific subject, formulate it most accurately.

2. Begin to collect material. Open the resource as soon as about 50 articles collect. It to you will be enough to make the online magazine and several its releases. Further collect material again for the following releases. Constantly do it to fill the online magazine. At first make weekly releases, so you will manage to collect the necessary information, to trace most and the least readable releases, to analyze this information, and, on its basis, to build new issues of the online magazine so that it was interesting to readers.

3. Fill up each section of the website with any material, once a month at least. Build releases so that the reader could find at least one material from any section of the log in each of them. Thus you will be able not only to make the online magazine, but also to capture large audience, to give to the reader the choice.

4. Place in the online magazine references to photo reports from the events which took place during a week. These can attract on the website of the log of those people to whom the laziness will read, and it is simpler to watch photos and to learn the same news, exactly thanks to them. Add at least one material from history to each release, such mini-digression, it will allow you to add readers.

5. Be defined whether is at you desire and time to work on the online magazine before creating the own log. Sort collected materials before to place them, you aspire to that the reader received the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team