How to create the personal diary on the Internet

How to create the personal diary on the Internet

Personal diaries on the Internet are named blogs. Blogs get with the different purposes - to share life with friends, to broadcast information for broad audience and just for themselves as outpourings of thoughts.

It is required to you

  • the computer with Internet access


1. Blogging - the widest Internet movement. Today every 10th inhabitant of the planet has the diary in network. Programmers realized popularity of blogs and now the set of servers on which anyone can create the page are available. Also it is worth paying attention to them that who is only going to join crowd of bloggers.

2. One of the sites, most popular in the world, for creation of the blog - LiveJournal (the name of the portal is so translated) is ready to provide sites absolutely free of charge for blogging, diaries, forums and the other purposes. For work on the portal it is necessary to create the account. For this purpose come on, on the homepage check LiveJournal opportunities.

3. In the upper right corner follow the link "Create the Account", pass several steps of registration. Fill a simple form, having entered the name, the mail, the password to future account. A user name - future nickname in a system which will be displayed in the link to your page. Further fill some more fields and click "create the account". After that on mail specified by you the confirmation letter will come with the link which you will follow on the own page.

4. Configure the web blog according to your addictions. LiveJournal is famous for democracy in the field of design of pages - you select subjects, location of fields on the page, etc. Fill out information on yourself, load the photo or any picture which will be displayed near each your post, and start filling of the log. Write the thoughts, you share events, insert a photo and music, comment on others records and sign up for updates of pages interesting to you. Your diary completely under your control.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team