How to create the portal in Maynkrafta 1.5.2

How to create the portal in Maynkrafta 1.5.2

Thanks to the portal in the game Maynkraft it is possible to be transferred instantly from one place to another. The standard package includes two measurements: Ender-mir and the Lower world, for receiving others it is necessary to install special modifications or modes. To create in Maynkrafta 1.5.2 and later the portal to another dimensions, it is necessary to get many resources and to find special objects.

How to make the portal to hell

Obsidian blocks will be necessary for creation of the building, there will be 12-14 pieces enough. Obsidian is got in a vault by means of a diamond pick. There is also other way — it is necessary to find a lava and to fill in it with water. When blocks are ready, they need to be put at each other, on 5 in height and 4 in width. On corners the blocks can be not put — better to save valuable material.

Also the metal ingot which should be melted from iron ore in the oven is required. Having connected it to silicon, it is possible to receive the lighter and with its help to set fire to obsidian. As soon as an internal part of the portal is colored in violet color with curls — the portal to hell in Maynkraft 1.5.2 is ready.

Creation of the portal to the Region in Maynkraft 1.5.2

The portal of a dragon of Edge is actually already ready, for activation it is only necessary to find it and to insert eyes into empty openings of a frame. First of all it is necessary to kill the enderman and to create the Eye from the dropped-out pearls. It is better to stock up at once with several eyes as during search they can disappear. Oka's creation requires also fiery powder, it can be found in measurement of Bottom edge. In hell from Ifrit the fiery rod, from it falls and it is necessary to create fiery powder.

When the Eye is ready, it needs to be taken in a hand and to right-click. It will rise and will depart towards fortress. If the Eye fell, it should be lifted and again to send for search. When fortress is found, it will be necessary only to reach the room with the destroyed portal and to activate it.

Production of the portal to paradise in Maynkraft

For creation of an entrance to this measurement it is necessary to download previously the Maynkraft portal, that is AetherMod modes. The portal to paradise is made of the shining stones, not less than 12 blocks are necessary. To receive them, about 4 units of the shining dust from the Lower world or the captivated pick "Silk contact" will be required.

From three metal ingots the bucket is created, normal water from the river or a pond is poured into it. When the portal is difficult, inside it is necessary to fill in water and it is activated.

How to make the Maynkraft portal to the Twilight forest

If on the computer the modification of Twilight Forest is already installed, it is possible to start creation of the twilight portal. It looks as 12 blocks of the earth which are laid out by a rectangle on a plain surface. In each block it is necessary to plant flowers, and to inside pour water from the metal bucket generated from three ingots. Activation requires the diamond thrown in a frame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team