How to create the reserve domain controller

How to create the reserve domain controller

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The situation which will demand transfer of information from the domain controller arises on any computer sooner or later. The reserve domain controller is for this purpose necessary. It is better to create it beforehand. Information will be until stored on it when on the basic controller there is a failure. In this case the backup copy will help to recover data.

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1. Create the reserve domain controller. Start on the network server the master of dcpromo. He will create the controller in the existing domain. After that on the additional server the directory service of Active Directory (AD) will be deployed.

2. Start installation process of the DNS server. The zone and information on all settings is stored in AD. Settings should not be changed. There will be an automatic replication of all records in the reserve controller. It will take some time, wait. After the end of operation it is possible to reboot.

3. When the copy is created, decide on the addresses. Specify the IP address of the basic domain controller how the address of primary DNS server.

4. Check whether the reserve controller works. For this purpose on any of servers create the account of the user. When it is created, will be displayed on the standby device. At first it will be in a silent state, and is in a few minutes activated. It is the sign of activation of the reserve controller.

5. It is necessary to turn on all domain controllers in a cycle of regular backup. The exception is made by the controllers located in one room. In this case it is necessary to create the backup copy of only one of them.

6. Do backup at least once in 60 days. The prescription of copies should not exceed this term. If to restore the reserve controller created after 60 days ago it is possible to find inconsistency in information which is contained in it. For this reason the restoration system prevents recovery of copies which term of emergence exceeds 60 days.

7. Create copies of the domain controller each 2-3 days. It is the most optimal variant. In such mode no failures at recovery of the domain controller will arise.

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