How to create the search website

How to create the search website

The search website executes information search on certain network resources or on all Internet. Development of the searcher differs from creation of the websites of other directions. During the work on a similar resource much attention is paid to program part. Any beginning web developer can create the search engine by means of the offered ready scripting engines or web services.

It is required to you

  • - hosting or dedicated server;
  • - FTP client.


1. For implementation the idle time of the search engine exists a large number of the ready scripts possessing the pluses and minuses. From a large number of the engines offered webmasters, once DataparkSearch Engine selects. It supports search with the setting different parameters (accounting of acronyms, abbreviations, search of forms of a word), popularity rating, a possibility of sorting according to several parameters. From less large-scale and more lightweight systems It should be noted Sphider, PhpDig and RiSearch.

2. Look through requirements to the server of each of engines, read responses and possible problems at installation at the forums devoted to programming. Pass to the official site of the selected script and load the latest version.

3. Unpack the downloaded archive and look through the enclosed documentation which is usually provided in the readme file and contains the detailed installation instruction.

4. Load the unpacked directory on the server by means of any FTP client (CuteFTP or Total Commander), make installation and setup of a script according to the instruction from archive. It is usually enough to start the install file in a browser window (for example, install.php). Perform tuning and specify certain parameters of your hosting, following instructions on the screen.

5. At one of stages you will need to enter database options (DB) of MySQL. Create by means of the control panel of a DB hosting for the searcher and specify its name. Also you need to enter a user name of MySQL and the password for access to connection.

6. After the end of installation come into the panel of the administrator of the engine and configure necessary operation parameters of a script and search.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team