How to create the smilie

How to create the smilie

Smilies became the instrument of expression of emotions in network for a long time. If before smilies there were only two - sad and cheerful, then now variations on this subject the huge set is created. Do you want to create the unique smilie too? Then this instruction for you.


1. Create the new document in the photoshop. Keep in mind that for creation of a smilie the document is necessary absolutely small, work is carried out in the pixelart equipment, that is, we will work with absolutely small pixels. So, create the new document of 50х50 pixels in size, it quite enough. Bring closer a leaf by means of magnifying glass that it was more convenient to work.

2. Create a new layer. By means of the Elliptical Marquee Tool tool draw a circle. That the circle was equal, hold at the same time the SHIFT key.

3. Fill in a circle in dark brown color. It is possible to use, for example, # color 411d14.

4. Create a new layer. On it create round selection in a brown circle, but slightly smaller by the size. Select the Gradient Tool tool and make a gradient from white color to any of selected by you. Color depends on what color the smilie should turn out. A gradient select circular.

5. Now the Gradient Tool tool create a gradient, having stretched it from the upper right corner to the left lower.

6. Now apply the following styles to a high layer:
Inner Shadow: Blend Mode – Normal (select color light, matching the color of a smile)
Angle – 135
Distance – 1
Size – 0

7. Create a new layer. Now on it draw with dark brown color to a smilie of an eye and a mouth. Apply Drop Shadow style to this layer, expose settings, as in the previous step.
Your smilie is ready, now integrate all layers the Ctrl+E command and save. Changing colors and playing with settings of layers, you will be able to create a set of such smilies. You can add to them new elements, texts and even to add animation if necessary. If you want to load somewhere the smile that it was efficient, then transfer it to the gif format. Good luck to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team