How to create the website button

How to create the website button

Buttons for the website are files which have the gif, png or jpg format. Very seldom the psd and bmp extensions can be used. Graphic files should have the small size that they could be loaded quickly.

To create the website button, it is necessary to use the powerful graphics editor, most often it is Photoshop. You will not suit the simple Paint program as its opportunities are limited. First of all, you need to decide on the number of buttons on your website. If there will be a lot of them, even buttons of the small size will be slowly loaded. Optimum quantity – about ten buttons.

There are special programs which allow to create beautiful volume buttons with different effects. Unfortunately, such buttons weigh much.


As it is correct to make the website button

  • Buttons need to be optimized regardless of which the program was used for their creation.
  • To reduce load time of buttons, they should be reduced. For this purpose it is possible to use the same Photoshop.
  • It is also worth paying attention to a format in which files will be saved. For the majority of buttons use gif as it gives the chance to save animation and perfectly is suitable for pictures which elements are executed in one color. The jpg format is used for images with a set of flowers, most often photographic.
  • To make the website button which when clicking will change the color or to make any sound, it is necessary to use JavaScript.

How to create the website button in Photoshop

To create the website button in the Photoshop program, it is necessary to make the following.

  • Open the new document, the background should be white.
  • It is necessary to use round or rectangular selection. Install the Anti-aliased check mark, in the Feather field enter 0.
  • Further it is necessary to select area (the approximate size of 40 px.) and to flood it with right color or texture, then to add the text for what it is necessary to create a new layer.
  • In principle, the button is ready, now it can give the volume or relief, to add a shadow or to decorate on the taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team