How to create the website by own efforts from scratch

How to create the website by own efforts from scratch

The absolute majority of the companies carries out advertizing of the activity not only standard methods, such as television, radio and newspapers, but also have the own website on which everyone will be able to study the complete list of services. It is simple to create the website, depending on your purpose you can use one of the methods provided below.


1. To create the simple website, use service. At your service there will be an unpretentious designer of the websites by means of whom you will be able to create the website placed on a free hosting of For receiving a possibility of creation of the website it is enough to register a mailbox on the website or Keep in mind that your login will become further the name of the website therefore select it providently. It will look as follows: having got a box of a type of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you will be able to create the website of a view

2. If the functionality of the website is not sufficient for you, use possibilities of service of the free online designer of Having registered on it, you will be able to create the websites on flash by means of the ordinary online designer. You should not deal with programming, everything that it is necessary to you - it is to select a template which suits you then to arrange pages and components as it should be which is necessary to you. Using the free account, your website will look as the link from the website and also will be filled with the banners specifying by means of what service it created.

3. To get rid of banners, to transfer the website to a top-level domain and also to have an opportunity to download it in case of need, it is enough to transfer to the paid account. The prices of are low, besides you have opportunity always to edit the website to correct any errors, in details to change design or to add content. The functionality of is almost boundless - you can not just create the text and graphic website, but also fill it with video, audio and also to build in a feedback form. In a word, is the best option for those who want to create the website the hands, without wishing to spend money for services of webmasters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team