How to create the website in 10 minutes

How to create the website in 10 minutes

Any beginning site builder knows that creation of the website process long, but kind of there was a wish to open the website as soon as possible, without thinking of subtleties of design and imposition. The way to create the website in several minutes, of course, exists. For this purpose it is necessary to implement only several clauses.


1. During fast creation of the website we will lean on a free hosting and creator websites on which there is all necessary for this process. We pass to the website, and we click "create the website".

2. The input form opens. We select to register. We enter the surname and a name. We think out the login. The login will be made by the domain of the third level of your website, that is the address of the website will have the name "ваш_логин". We click "further".

3. In the following form, you need to think up the password, to select a confidential question for password recovery, the answer to it. You can enter the e-mail the address and mobile phone. You enter I smoke and you tick off that you accept terms of agreement. You click "register". Further you drive the date of birth.

4. We get in the designer of the websites. We click "create the website". At once it is possible to view future login of your website. After that you select specifics of your website from the offered options. Further we enter the name of the website, the copyright, a logo. After that note necessary pages on your website. Click "further".

5. We select design of the website. Select from the provided design one, and the model for imposition. We select a font for the website. After that we press "begin filling". You get to a part which will allow to configure flexibly design and pages of your website. After creation of design and content of your website we press the publish button in the upper left corner. You get on the homepage. Your website is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team