How to create the website in the local area network

How to create the website in the local area network

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Installation of scripts on local servers has the mass of advantages. The owner of the website can experience any actions with it and not worry at the same time that the server will be overloaded. It has a possibility of creation and removal of bases, will be able to try a parcel of requests and to test other necessary actions, without being afraid of errors on a hosting. By then, as he will be ready to pay a hosting and to place on it the website, all the main settings, necessary for the website, will be already tested and configured.

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1. Download the scripts, necessary for installation of the server (for example, it is possible to use DataLifeEngine). However, the choice of any other script will not influence installation process of the website in any way. In the home folder it is necessary to create a new directory which will have any name Latin. At the same time it is necessary to consider that names of such directories define in case of installation on the local server names of domains.

2. In this directory it is necessary to create the new www folder. In it it is necessary to copy each file of a script. It is necessary to consider that copying will be required not to the folder, but the files which are in it.

3. Start the server. In appeared after this menu it is necessary to follow the link PHP My Admin, and after that — administration of My SQL DBMS. In the graph "Create a New DB" it is necessary to enter a name of new base — it can have any name consisting of Latin letters. In the graph "Comparison" it is necessary to select the required coding and to click on the Create button. After that the database will be created.

4. Gather a domain name (the specific folder created in home) in base, and enter after it the install.php command through a slash character. In certain cases the command will have other outline — it depends on a specific script, and it will be specified by special point in its documentation.

5. Click on the Begin an Installirovaniye button, and wait for the end of this process. After that installation of a script will be finished. There is only a removal from a domain home/name directory sayta/www/the install file. After that it is possible to gather a name of the domain of the website and to pass to it — it will become available in the local area network.

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