How to create the website with registration

How to create the website with registration

Own website can be necessary for the different purposes, for example, for earnings or just for communication with adherents. However what aim you would not pursue, creation and advance of the website will take away from you a lot of time.


1. First, you can always contact specialists in creation of the websites. They not only will execute it according to all your requirements, but also will make for it original design. But It should be noted that such work will cost expensive. So in advance solve whether it suits you.

2. If you do not want to spend money and will prefer to create the website independently, then contact one of services which offer the free designer of the websites. Similar offers meet on the Internet in a large number. There you will find ready templates and a possibility of use of a free hosting. However before you will be able to create the website, you will have to register.

3. Fill out the registration form: specify the e-mail address, the password, a nickname in a system, a name and a surname and also date of birth. Besides, in the form there can be such fields as the place of your accommodation and a floor. After a while after filling surely check a mailbox as there the letter should come with the special link. Pass according to it to confirm and complete registration.

4. After that you will see a window with different tabs. On one of them you will be able to edit the website address, on another to select design of design. If you need to change later something in the existing settings, then you will be able to make it, having clicked on the administrator's panel. As a rule, it is located in left or the upper right corner of the page. By the way, it is possible to edit in two modes: visual and html.

5. If you create the website on ready templates, then the registration form will be present there automatically. By the way, if you did not see it on any service, just select another, they are on the Internet in a large number, your choice is limited to nothing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team