How to create Yandex. A purse and to transfer money for it

How to create Yandex. A purse and to transfer money for it

Active Internet users appreciated convenience and usability of e-wallets long ago. With their help it is possible to pay municipal bills, phone and television, purchases in online stores. It is possible to fill up Yandex a purse in different ways: transfer money from the cash card, phone, to put money for the account in payment service providers.

How to create Yandex a purse 

To have an opportunity to use this electronic payment service provider, it is necessary to start Yandex a purse in the beginning . If you already have a mailbox on Yandex, it is possible to use it for creation of a purse. For this purpose on the homepage it is necessary to select the Yandex Money tab. According to the link you will get on the website The next stage "Open the account". It is necessary to press this button then the page for registration will open. In the offered fields it is necessary to enter data on itself:

  • field 1: it is necessary to think up and enter the login which will be used at a login to the account;
  • field 2: it is necessary to enter the password, for this point there are special requirements: the password should not be too simple;
  • field 3: it is necessary to repeat the password;
  • field 4: it is necessary to enter the contact phone number of phone;
  • field 5: it is intended for input of a kapcha – it is necessary that the system understood that it deals not with the robot.

"Continue" the next stage. Here it is necessary to enter a confirmation code which comes to the specified phone number and to think up the payment password which is required for confirmation of payment operations.

It is necessary to specify a work address of e-mail where notifications on the performed operations will come. Then surely it is necessary to study regulations of payment service provider and to press the corresponding button about consent. After that registration will be completed and there will be available an Open the Account button. In the upper left corner of the opened page personal number of Yandex is specified. A purse, and the sum of money which is on balance is provided below.

How to transfer money for Yandex a purse 

Using the specified number of a purse, it is possible to recharge in different ways: from the cash card, by means of Kivi payment service provider and different banks to transfer money for Yandex the purse through Euroset and the mobile network operators providing similar services. This way is available from phones and at offices of the companies.

If the user has a bank account, it is possible to fill up a purse on the website at once. The menu item of "Replenishment" where number of the cash card is specified in the respective field is for this purpose used. After check of compliance of the entered data it will be required to enter SMS-confirmation of the transfer for bank transfer, the necessary sum will be charged off an account and will arrive into the account of Yandex. Purse. On the same page it is possible to learn in more detail about other ways of replenishment: through offices of banks, payment terminals and the systems of the translations.

It is possible to transfer money from other electronic systems: from the attached purse of WebMoney, by means of exchange service (MoneyMail, RBK Money, EasyPay), the Uniform purse. For money transfers to Yandex a purse exchangers and banks charge a certain fee. There is also upper limit for replenishment of the monetary account. After you transferred money, they instantly arrive into the account in the system of Yandex money and it is possible to pay with them goods and services, without departing from the home computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team