How to cut the fret saw

How to cut the fret saw

The fret saw allows to cut from plywood and other suitable materials of a figure of the most difficult configuration. That this process was fast and pleasant, it is necessary to know the basic rules of work with the fret saw.


1. At first make a special support for convenience of work. It represents a strong plate about twenty centimeters long, five wide and 1.5-2 centimeters thick. On the one hand, at distance of five centimeters from edge, on the center the opening with a diameter of 15 millimeters is drilled. Then, having receded from edges of a plate on one centimeter at the left and on the right, to edges of an opening pro-saws become. The figured notch reminding a keyhole turns out.

2. The support is fastened to a table (workbench) screws or attached the clamp so that she acted perpendicular to a table on 15 centimeters. It is inconvenient to work with the fret saw without support therefore it is worth spending a little time for its production.

3. Work with the fret saw, sitting on a chair. Material, for example, a plywood plate is put on a support and adheres the left hand. The fret saw during the work keeps so that the file was located strictly vertically. Without clicking too strongly, accurately move the fret saw up-down, monitoring that the file went precisely on the nacherchenny line.

4. As the file moves on a nacherchenny outline, move a plywood leaf so that spent on drink the place always was in figured notch of a support. For smooth turn of the line of a cut slightly turn the fret saw to the left or to the right. If it is necessary to make sharp turn – for example, by 90 degrees – that in the place of turn work as the fret saw at the place, without advancing it and gradually turning in the necessary party.

5. If it is necessary to make internal notch – for example, to cut a circle in a detail – that at first a drill drill an opening in the area which is subject to cutting. Turn off the top screw clamping a file on the fret saw. Accurately, not to break, insert a file from below into the drilled opening and again fix in a fret saw clip. After that begin to cut the part which is subject to removal. Having cut it, again untwist the screw and pull out a file.

6. During the work as the fret saw the correct degree of a tension of a file is very important. If the file is tense poorly, it badly saws. At a strong tension it is easy to break it. Always well tighten file attachment screws that the file did not slip out. But do not strip on them a thread. Having a little worked as the fret saw, you on own experience define the necessary degree of a tension of a file and tightening of screws.

7. If it is necessary to saw solid material – for example, textolite or other plastic, moisten the place of a cut with water. During the work with soft plastic you monitor that the file did not get stuck in the material which melted from friction, for this purpose too moisten it with water.

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